i live in chicago. the largest city left in the rust belt. i work wherever i get the green. it's a good time for new art, new ideas. nuevo surf and tourag music on the rise. even though our politcal future is bleak thanks to an obscenely obstructionist tea-party wind blowing, i take comfort in sturdy airliners, quirky design, food cooked well, big art & itchy scratchy music.

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domenico gnoli      armchair no. 2      1967

domenico gnoli      armchair no. 2      1967

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cook the shrimp

i tried out for the MasterChef casting call today serving my asian-style aquachile with shrimp, squid and various garnishes.  i was going to do bass pan seared in asian broth with garnish but at the last minute i thought, hmm, the fish might taste like shoe leather since contestants bring their cooked plate to the audition. i decided on my version of aguachile. wrong decision!

the tasting judge said, “the shrimp looks raw. ” i said, “well, yes, traditionally aquachile is served this way. the shrimp have been cooked in lime juice and the miso broth.”

the judge mumbled something about raw shrimp and chicago. she didn’t taste, i offered to re-plate with the cooked calimari, broth and garnishes. totally not cross-contaminated.  she asked me what my cooking style was, i told her. she asked where i bought the ingredients, i told her, “joong bo korean market.” she said, “i love places like that.” i said, “oh yea, me too, and what a lunch counter.”  

she moved to the next contestant.  the follow up gal asked me how competitive i was, i hesitated, and said, “i can hold my own.”  

a good looking tall dude down the table from me got passed on to the next round with butternut squash soup. he was handsome though. big hands. i’d been checking him out during the interminable wait in the stuffy hotel meeting room. nice tight jeans too. nice haircut. what, butternut squash soup?

i will say i was probably the oldest contestant trying out. ahem. i am not photogenic.  next time, if there is one:  cook the shrimp.  and oh yes, remember to try out for masterchef UK or masterchef australia.  now those are some compelling cooking competitions!  i actually never watch the fox show. typical reality programming hyper-drama. 

asian-style aguachile de camarone y calamare

yummy and easy.

leeks, english cucumber 
fresh gulf shrimp —  shelled, deveined, butterflied
cleaned calamari bodies  — joong bo
lime, serranos, miso dashi broth, water 
kabocha squash (optional but great this time of year)

cilantro, mint and fennel fronds or any combo of small aromatic herbs

to make: 

shaved cucs on the mandoline.  julienned leeks fried in canola oil, sea salt. cut the remaining leeks into small circles, marinate in mirin and japanese rice seasoning.  brunois the kabosha squash. salt. cook the shrimp lightly in lime juice, black pepper and sea salt

ultrathin rings of calamari quick cooked in miso dashi broth

kabocha brunois sauteed in olive oil until browned

julienne herbs

to plate:

on a flate plate or bowl: layer of shimp, cucs, leeks and calamari. toss shallots and cucumber batons on the plate. add the strained aguachile broth. squash and fried shallots.

cracked black pepper, sea salt. pile of fresh herbs

rustic rabbit soup

rabbits love carrots, right?

break down a rabbit, simmer in water, carrots, onions and celery. add bay leaves, season. cook about an hour. 

add in rabbit livers. simmer til not red.  toss in crispy bacon lardon. 

serve with fresh tarragon, oregano and basil. good sturdy bread. 

best seat in the house     scofflaw    logan square    
great evening in this very booth with out of town friends last friday.  skate wings, housemade gin drinks, fries, cauliflower, salumni, more. 

best seat in the house     scofflaw    logan square    

great evening in this very booth with out of town friends last friday.  skate wings, housemade gin drinks, fries, cauliflower, salumni, more. 

parson’s chicken n fish     logan square  

parson’s chicken n fish     logan square  

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exitos de grupo niche, pt. 1    mix

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