i live in chicago. the largest city left in the rust belt. i work wherever i get the green. it's a good time for new art, new ideas. nuevo surf and tourag music on the rise. even though our politcal future is bleak thanks to an obscenely obstructionist tea-party wind blowing, i take comfort in sturdy airliners, quirky design, food cooked well, big art & itchy scratchy music.

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rahm redux, the spin continues

anxious to get over his hugely unpopular handling of the CTU strike, rahm’s deep-pocketed cronies are spending millions in tv & radio adds spinning da mayor’s way out of a totally upside down position vis-a-vis the pubic support for the CTU strike. 

if only his political cronies put those monies into the CPS in a public-private partnership.

bad rahm, bad. you need to be in temple tonight, atoning for your bad judgement and usery of the city’s school children. 

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