i live in chicago. the largest city left in the rust belt. i work wherever i get the green. it's a good time for new art, new ideas. nuevo surf and tourag music on the rise. even though our politcal future is bleak thanks to an obscenely obstructionist tea-party wind blowing, i take comfort in sturdy airliners, quirky design, food cooked well, big art & itchy scratchy music.

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jicama orange pico de gallo

"pico de gallo" is a broad term for a rough chopped salsa, suitable to serve as a starter, or as a compliment to drinks before dinner. here’s a wonderfully, fresh & unique pdg:

chop a fresh jicama into small batons, skin peeled. use a mandoline for best results. 
supreme a couple of fragrant oranges
rough chop either cilantro leaves, flat leaf parsley or scallion greens
freshly squeezed lime juice
fresh or toasted peanuts

toss the batons of jicama with the orange supremes, peanuts and lime juice in a bowl. drizze in a bit of oil of your choice. sprinkle greens of choice. serve in a bowl with tortillas, toasted baguette slices.

serve up some tequilla!  

if u have time, make a tequilla chaser, a sangrito:

roasted, deseeded ancho chile skins, soaked
fresh orange juice
pinch of salt
agave syrup

blend ‘til smooth and strain into a tequila glass, serve alongside the pico de gallo and the best tequilla. silver for a ginny vibrancy, reposado for a more complex whiskey taste. 

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