i live in chicago. the largest city left in the rust belt. i work wherever i get the green. it's a good time for new art, new ideas. nuevo surf and tourag music on the rise. even though our politcal future is bleak thanks to an obscenely obstructionist tea-party wind blowing, i take comfort in sturdy airliners, quirky design, food cooked well, big art & itchy scratchy music.

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hello again, chicago

i’m a man on a mission. 

since my cherry 1993 buick century “the easy glider” was stolen out from under my nose one friday night, in front of my house, a while back (rolled onto a flat-bed — bangers love metal cars), i’m on a mission NOT to buy another auto ride…

biking in the hood, WALKING, using public trans (loving the bus service; the characters, working class, the yuppies and others on board; kneeling buses; the nice drivers (as a rule); and the even-handed social-leveling force of nature that is the CTA). zipcars (cali and the el), cabs when in a hurry. and rental cars (enterprise, 1842 milwaukee —  ask for ashley — they will pick you up at home) for biz trips OOT. 

so far, so good. way ahead dollarwise and loving not having the hassle of an auto-ride —  the easy glider was a ticket and accident magnet. wish me stead in my mission. not since grad school have i been carless in chicago.