watch rahm build. watch rahm build his machine.

nobody is guaranteed a job because of their last name. nobody’s excluded. they have to meet a standard of public service, commitment to constituents, representing the ward and bringing the type of reform and change that is necessary, which will help the city council be a partner in making sure we see the type of changes necessary to protect our taxpayers. —  da rahm

the mayor’s vow not to hold deb mell’s last name against her is a good thing considering her retiring father’s defense of a patronage system that, he claimed, once gave his formidable ward organization as many as 1,000 jobs.

during a 90-minute swan-song and other farewell interviews, dick mell longed for the days when he could non-suit a pile of parking tickets for supporters and place his top precinct captains in cushy bridge tender’s jobs, where they could either sleep or study the night away.